Keep Campbell the city we love


Dining with the Ladies of the Campbell Country Woman's Club


My name is Phil Reynolds and I'm committed to protecting our quality of life by taking on State housing density mandates, fixing a broken transit system and fighting for neighborhood integrity. 

 Like you, I want to keep that small town charm. 
The citizens feel they are not being heard, As the Senior Planning Commissioner, I have heard loud and clear that you want a candidate that will fight to retain control of the decision making process in our own community.  
Sacramento is holding cities like Campbell hostage. If we do not plan for growth as dictated by Bureaucrats in Sacramento, we are told that funding will be withheld from special projects. Your tax dollars are being  held hostage

I believe VTA should build a by-pass around downtown San Jose and run an Express Train from Campbell to Mountain View. That will increase ridership and take cars off the roadways. 

Our Single family neighborhoods need better oversight. We as  a city should not allow higher density to encroach into any single family zoned neighborhoods. 

If you share my concern, I urge you to connect with me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference-- for our families, our community, and our future. 


"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Working Hard For You

2012  My students from Campbell Middle School - Final WOW from the Planning Commission Apprenticeship Class

Candidate Phil Reynolds

Ribbon cutting at Pro Martial Arts in Downtown Campbell

Theodore Roosevelt

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